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Handmade beyond beautiful vibrant colored rainbow with sweet smile & heart clouds, includes small squeaker inside to hours of fun.

~Jamie on Happy Rainbow Organic Cotton Knit Toy

Cute, fashionable, excellent quality

"This little coat is a must have! It fits my pomeranian so well! It’s so cute!!"

~ Paradis on Sweet Dreams Pink Duffle Coat

"One of my dogs Izzy was never a huge fan of pj's because they always seemed too tight/uncomfortable. These are the first pair she actually enjoys wearing. They do button down the top but i think that's what makes it more comfortable for her along with the straight leg sleeves. Sizing is always perfect and accurate from Pupsta!"

~ Juicy & Izzy's Mom on Rainbow Pajama Overall


"This shirt makes people stop in their tracks to compliment my dog and ask where it is from. It is lightweight for summer but also perfect for winter. Best of both worlds."

~ Paige on Striped Long Sleeves Shirt with Peter Pan Collar

"These squeaky and crinkly toys are great quality! My dog is a little terror and destroys toys really quickly, but the dumplings and the dim sum tray have stood the test of time :) The tray is super crinkly and my dog will play with it on his own. The dumplings are the perfect size for him to throw around and play fetch with!"

~ Butters' Mom on Soup Dumplings Set


This is the 3rd Hawaiian print shirt that my dog got from Pupsta! As you can tell, I’m obsessed with these Hawaiian shirts. They are so cute, well-made, and they look so good on my dog!

~Alexandra on Hibiscus Shirt


"The best part of these Frenchie Fries is the crinkle paper inside. Top quality toy like any other P.L.A.Y. toy. Great plush for enrichment time, perfect to hide treats inside and keep me busy while mom works. You can remove the French fries from inside the red package."

~ Chester The Pom on Frenchie Fries Crinkly Plush Toy Set

Keeps your dog entertained

"Got this for my dog and he loves it so much! He loves burrow toys so this is perfect for him! Love that it’s a wine barrel and comes with 3 toy wine bottles! It’s also very durable. He usually destroys his toys within minutes but so far these are still holding up!"

~ Alexandra on Vintage Wine Barrel Set

"Absolutely love this toy! It’s larger than expected so after hours of fun it doubles as a pillow to rest my head on. Very durable as well!"

~ @Herro.Im.Bo on P.L.A.Y. Eco Play Bone - Urban Denim Goodest Dog

I have a Pomeranian and brushing her is part of my daily routine for her. This smells wonderful and works well when I’m brushing her. Highly recommend for easy brushing routine and amazing scent that lasts."

~ Paradis on earthbath® Deodorizing Lavender Spritz 3-in-1 8oz


My dog has a sensitive stomach and loves chewing on things so I gave this a shot and it was great! He spent an hour or so chewing on one and he loved it. Highly recommend for big dogs (mine is 85lbs).

~ James on Earth Animal No Hide Chicken Chews Dog Treats, Medium 7"

"I love my pjs! These are super comfy, soft and 100% cotton. Highly recommended."

~ @Chester_the.pom on Cuddle Pup Fluffy Cloud Pajama Overall


We absolutely love this bandana. The quality is great!

~ Paradis on Shaved Ice Bandana


Looks exactly as pictured and I really liked the thickness of the bandana. I was surprised at the quality of it because I’m used to paper thin bandanas and that’s not the case here. Happy to continue buying from this line. Plus the color makes my dog’s coat pop even more. Win win.

~ Connie on KeriKeri Bandana

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